Can Microblading Turn My Brows Blue?

One of the most common concerns amongst first-time microblading clients is the fear of getting blue brows. Let’s talk about why brows can turn blue and what you can do to prevent it. 


Why Do Brows Turn Blue After Microblading? 

Let’s start by clarifying that the skin can turn two for two reasons: bruising and poor application.

Bruising is a completely normal side effect. When pigment is applied to the skin, it’s creating a very tiny wound. You can expect some redness and bruising in the first few days. 

Now let’s talk about blue that is not from bruising. This is almost always the result of poor application and technique by either applying the pigment too deep or choosing the wrong pigment color. 

When pigment is applied too deeply, it reaches the blood vessels. Proper microblading technique should only be applied on the epidermis, not the dermis layers of the skin. Applying the pigment too deeply will create a blue glow on the skin. 

When selecting pigment, your technician should be considering not your skin tone, but your undertones as well. Using a very cool pigment on skin that already has a cool undertone can cause the skin to appear blue. 

Can Blue Microblading Be Corrected? 

Blue shades caused by improper microblading will almost never fade away on its own. It nearly all cases, you will need to seek professional help. There are only two options: 

  • Neutralize the cool tone with a warm tone
      • Pros: 
        • Less expensive
      • Cons: 
        • May require multiple treatments
        • May not be successful if the pigment is too deep
        • Doesn’t remove blue pigment, just covers it, so blue skin could return
  • Laser removal 
    • Pros:
      • Removes blue pigment from skin
      • Higher success rate
    • Cons: 
      • More expensive

Most professionals will recommend laser removal and may actually advise against neutralizing the pigment depending on the amount of blue pigment and depth of application. 

So What Can You Do to Prevent Blue Microblading?

Fortunately, if you do your homework you can prevent poor results like this. 

Microblading Procedure before and after by Brow Boutique Cape Cod & Boston

  • Book a Consultation First: Always book a consultation and come prepared with questions about the procedure, after-care, pre-care, and anything you want to know. This is also the time to get a sense of your technician. Are they asking questions about your lifestyle? Do they seem genuinely engaged in your consultation? Do you feel comfortable with them? If you sense a red flag, try another technician.
  • Ask to See a Portfolio with Healed Results: Any high-quality technician will have a portfolio of fresh and fully healed results. Fresh microblading results will look red around the brow. Look for results that are at least 30 days old. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  • Ask for References: A quality technician should have a solid client base with recurring clients. We have clients at Brow Boutique that have come to us for years! Most of whom would be happy to share their experience with a new client.
  • Check Their Reviews: Check all available reviews and see what clients are saying. You want to find a salon that has frequent, high-rated reviews. Also, keep note of how the salon handles any poor reviews. Remember that not everyone is going to be happy, but if the salon seems sincere in its response and strives to make the client happy, that can be a good sign!
  • Ask About Their Education & Certifications: Some salons required annual re-certifications or training to keep their technician’s skills top-notch. Ask what about their training and how often they complete it.
  • Don’t Choose the Cheapest Option: Microblading may seem pretty pricey, but it’s for good reason. Check out the average price of microblading in your area. If the average price is around $600, but someone is offering it for $300, that could be a red flag! 

Brows turning blue after microblading is not a common occurrence and it can be entirely prevented by doing your homework. You can ensure your microblading results will look perfect by working with a qualified technician that has solid experience. Do your homework, trust your instincts, and only work with someone who can demonstrate quality results. 

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